Pace Vanpool

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What is Pace Vanpool?

Pace Vanpool is a workday rideshare arrangement that can help you enjoy a more comfortable and more affordable commute. It’s available for commuters who live or work in Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry and Will counties.

Pace Vanpools consist of individuals who live near each other and have similar travel patterns and work hours. Pace Vanpools operate similar to carpools except they include more perks.

We provide the van. You get to enjoy a more comfortable commute, and you could save thousands of dollars a year.

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How does it work?

A small group of people

A group of commuters decides to form a Pace Vanpool.

A man volunteering to be the driver

One member volunteers as the primary driver and at least one other person volunteers as back-up driver.

A form being submitted with money

They then submit start-up forms and deposits to Pace and complete an approval process (in as little as four weeks).

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Once they receive the Pace vehicle, they are ready to save money and enjoy a better commute.

Pace supplies the vehicle and covers costs, including:

Fuel • Tolls • Insurance • Maintenance • Roadside assistance • Van washes • Guaranteed Ride Home

Save Money

Save Money

Chicago-area residents who give up their car in favor of transit save an average of $920 per month ($11,040* annually). That's a lot of money.

Driver Bonus

Driver Bonus

Pace Vanpool drivers get 300 personal usage miles.

Less Stress

Less Stress

Avoid the stress of traffic by using Pace Vanpool.

Connect with Drivers

Connect With Others

Find other riders to share the fun with on your commute.

Door-to-Door Service

Door-to-Door Service

Leave from home and arrive at work in one simple step.

More Time

More Time

Riders can use their time productively or to just sit back and relax.

Paid with Pre-Tax

Paid With Pre-Tax

Employees can pay with pre-tax dollars, meaning savings of up to 40%.**

*American Public Transportation Association’s (APTA) March 2016 Transit Savings Report
**up to the authorized pre-tax limits of $255 per month
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Fares and Prices


Roundtrip Miles 4 pass. 5 pass. 6 pass. 7-8 pass. 9-10 pass. 11-12 pass. 13-14 pass.
1-20 mi. $112 $99 $92 $85 $73 $73 $73
21-30 mi. $117 $103 $96 $89 $75 $73 $73
31-40 mi. $122 $109 $102 $95 $78 $73 $73
41-50 mi. $128 $114 $107 $99 $81 $73 $73
51-60 mi. $133 $119 $111 $103 $86 $75 $73
61-70 mi. $138 $124 $116 $107 $89 $77 $73
71-80 mi. $142 $130 $121 $112 $92 $79 $73
81-90 mi. $146 $134 $125 $116 $97 $81 $73
91-100 mi. $150 $138 $129 $119 $100 $85 $75
101-110 mi. $153 $141 $132 $123 $103 $87 $77
111-120 mi. $160 $145 $136 $127 $107 $89 $79
121-130 mi. $163 $149 $140 $130 $112 $91 $81
131-140 mi. $166 $153 $144 $134 $116 $94 $85
141-150 mi. $171 $157 $148 $138 $119 $97 $87
151-160 mi. $174 $161 $151 $141 $123 $99 $89

*The van driver is excluded from this passenger/van count.

Employees who live and work near one another and share similar schedules can form a group that conveniently gets them between home and work. Each rider pays a low monthly fare based on distance and number of participants. This covers all costs of the vanpool, including fuel, maintenance, insurance, tolls, roadside assistance and van washes. One of the participants volunteers to be the primary driver. He or she does not pay a fare and also receives 300 personal miles a month! Backup drivers receive a $10 per month discount.

Additional Information

Guaranteed Ride Home

Participants of Pace's Vanpool program are eligible for reimbursement of up to $125/year for alternative transportation taken due to a personal emergency. Does not apply to overtime.

Match with others using the Pace RideShare site

The easiest way to see if you match with an existing Pace Vanpool or carpool, or with other commuters interested in forming a rideshare group, is to register at

Our secure, free matching service compares your commute to the commutes of over 5,000 registered RideShare participants and existing Pace Vanpools.

You’ll save money, help reduce congestion and have a more productive commute by ridesharing.

Watch the Pace Vanpool feature on WCIU's "You & Me This Morning"

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